Topaz Denoise AI to JPG problem

High noise NEF processed in Capture One without noise reduction. Transfer to Topaz Denoise AI to remove noise. Now, I need my results in a JPG file. Topaz does not do it, or I did not find out how. So I save TIF (that overwrite the original TIF, very poor flow). Open it in Capture one without any processing… and the image has a lot more noise than what I saw in Topaz… Dead end. Any ideas?
Thank you.

That is the way that all external editors work by overwriting the file sent unless it is a RAW file which won’t be processed in plug-in mode. Just send the image as a JPEG from Capture One and it will be updated on return.

AiDon, thank you for the answer. Unfortunately, you do not answer my problem. Overwriting the original is a nuisance, not a problem, hence inside brackets. The problem is the different noise I see in Topaz and C1 without any processing.

Here is an example of a JPEG I sent to DeNoise using the Edit with , ISO6400 on a EOS M50, and it does a fairly good job even though there are issues with CR3 images. As I have used Capture One since v6 I have found that the noise reduction is part of the demosaicing process that is why you will notice that all images (RAW) have 50 applied:

So my process is to turn off Sharpening but leave the NR as Capture One has applied like this when calling DeNoise AI, JPG or TIF: