Topaz Denoise AI- no longer accessible in LR

For some reason I can no longer access Denoise AI from LR. I can still use it but I first have to send the photo to PS & then to Topaz Labs & then Denoise AI. Just an extra step that I don’t need. The problem started out of the blue…one day it worked from LR, the next day it didn’t. No OS upgrade was done. No Denoise AI upgrade was done. Just a total mystery. Help please

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You might want to optimize the LR catalog… A similar event happened to me on one machine of the 2 I was using. Reloading software, updating the plug-ins and rebooting had no effect. I then optimized the catalog, which had not been done in a while, and everything worked as before. Can’t hurt.

Thanks for the suggestion…I tried it but unfortunately it didn’t make a difference. Darn.

Ran into similar issues… Anthony Morganti and other YouTubers gave an answer…
Can’t post link. Search “What to do when olugin isn’t showing…”
Worked for me.