Topaz DeNoise AI in Paint Shop Pro

I purchased Topaz AI Noise today assuming I could use it “inline” with my Paint Shop Pro seat which was able to pull up the demo version of Topaz AI Noise.

The program produces an amazing result but is not well integrated into other programs besides perhaps Photoshop which I do not own.

When I install the plugin into Paint Shop Pro I am able to run it however every time Topaz AI Noise comes up I have to verify that I want to apply the noise fix and return the image to PSP.

I assume these questions come up from time to time from users that do not want to pay a monthly Adobde-PS fee.

This would be a very powerful add-on to PSP.

In the meantime I am running Topaz standalone to apply the noise fix and get a set of DNG files to edit in PSP.

I also found Topaz AI noise source code and might try to build that in Linux so I can batch process there.

Firstly, here are instructions for installing in PSP:

Remember you are taking a risk as the source code has obviously been stolen and is copyright by Topaz Labs.

It’s not for linux- it’s for Mac.
So I guess I won’t even be trying.