Topaz DeNoise AI Darkening Images

Hi! There is a post from back in May titled DeNoise AI Brightening Image I seem to be having the exact opposite problem - my images are appearing darker. Some details:

  • Canon 1Dx Mark II raw files (.CR2)
  • Topaz Denoise AI Standalone version 1.2.1
  • Windows 10 (Lenovo Y520 Laptop)
  • The image appears very dark in the DeNoise AI preview window and also appears dark when saved to a .dng and processed in Lightroom.
  • Shown below is a comparision of the processed (.dng) file vs the original RAW file.

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Somehow, I inadvertently deleted this message while someone was replying. Luckily I figured out how to restore it.


Hi, Raise a Support Request at the main website as DNG processing is an issue because of the DNG profiles.

In the meantime you can save as a TIF and the output should be correct.

Thanks for the reply. Saving as a .tiff (prophoto RGB) produces the same result.


Jerry, one test you can run is to use another RAW processor to produce the TIFF as Topaz applies a near linear curve to the RAW images. Then see if DeNoise retains the correct curve.

I haven’t had any issues because I don’t use the Topaz products to convert RAW files but if I do, in say Studio, I just apply a “S” curve to get the correct conversion.

I also have the same question with darker image in CR2 and CR3 .
did you find solution ?

Wei-Hsin Chen

I no longer have this problem (with either CR2 or CR3 files). The issue was fixed in one of the Topaz updates - not sure which update it was.

Good luck!

Thank you for your quickly reply

Wei-Hsin Chen