Topaz Denoise AI can't open TIFFs with ZIP compression

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but Denoise AI shows an error message when I try to load a TIFF image saved with ZIP compression. LZW and no compression open fine.

It makes sense to me that it would not open a zip file, because a zip file is an archive not an image.

I’m talking about the compression algorithm a TIFF image is saved with. I think you are not making a distinction between image compression method and compressing a file with an external tool. A TIFF file can be saved uncompressed, with LZW compression, or with ZIP compression. This doesn’t change the file format, it still ends with .TIFF and can be opened without the need of a file archiving software.

Indeed. Sorry, my bad. :blush: An example of commenting before thinking. :zipper_mouth_face:


Somewhere in the forum is a thread with the title “Denoise AI problem with TIFF files” which I started around in April. (Sorry, but unfortunately I don’t know how to place a link to it from here).

Following the release of the May update, I posted in that thread that at least now the Sharpen AI and Denoise AI could now save workable TIFF files with ZIP compression, but noted that neither Denoise AI or Sharpen AI could open them, although they could be opened in Studio.

Perhaps more a work in progress than a bug?

I hope so. I’ve also reported during Beta testing that TIFFs with ZIP compression cannot be opened, whereas TIFFs with LZW compression can.

My standard Raw converter is Capture One Pro, and it only offers ZIP compressed TIFF output. Hence my request to add ZIP compatibility to TIFF input files in all AI applications.