Topaz DeNoise AI... Brush to apply/remove NR

I just downloaded and started using DeNoise AI. I really like it, but what I’d really like to see is a brush that would let you get into areas that the algorithm is not getting to. In quite a few cases of wildlife shot in the morning it does a fabulous job of removing the noise in the background but keeping the detail in the animal, except right around the animal where there is a halo of noise. It would be great to be able to fine tune what is being selected.


I’ve also noticed that DeNoise AI sharpens featureless areas and leaves patches of noise near hard edges. It also seems to denoise darker tones before lighter ones. So yes, it would be great to have a brush mode for it.BTW it subtly distorts the image (like Spherize on a very low setting) so you can’t stack a DeNoised layer with the original.


It is a little more frustrating for my workflow. In older Topaz products, when using Photoshop you could make a selection then run the plugin. The plugin (For example Denoise 5) would then only work on that selection. In Denoise AI, whatever you do in PS it applies its job to the whole image. I then have to use the history brush to undo any areas I didn’t want altered.

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Well spotted, Phill. I hadn’t gone into any big jobs yet, because I can see too many color shifts to use Denoise AI in any professional way. But it would be good if Topaz techs could address that.

This works in Affinity Photo and may work in Photoshop. Use the selection tool around what you want to Denoise then Ctrl + J to create a layer with just the selected section. Apply the Denoise AI to that layer. When you return, only that selected part has noise reduction.


Thanks. It does work, an extra step but hey ho. Hopefully they can bring AI inline with almost every other product out there including all the older topaz tools.

Things seem to be improving with each update which is great to see. Hopefully a method can be found for doing Denoise selectively in Lightroom as I like to get noise reduction out of the way as early as possible in my workflow.