Topaz DeNoise AI 3.5 fails to load image from LRC 11.1 (Mac)

Hello Topaz team and community,

I have problems with DNAI 3.5 on my M1 Macbook and Lightroom Classic 11.1
Both applications are the native ones for Apples M1 chip. OS version is MacOS 12.2 final (no beta).

I get an “unknown error” when opening any file from within LRC with “edit in” command.
It doesn’t matter if I set the external editor manually or if I delete the reference, start DNAI separately and let it do that.
However, I noticed the name is different:
Manually → “Topaz DeNoise AI”
Automatically (DNAI) -->“Topaz DeNoise AI External Editor”
For the latter, also the location of the reference is different.

I’ve attached screenshots and and screen recording showing how the error happens.
I reinstalled DNAI, but the problem persists.

Thanks for your help!

How can I attach images? The upload function doesn’t work for that.

Create another album in imgur and ONLY attach relevant images.

Thanks! I attached only the 4 relevant pictures already.

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I too have this problem after updating to Denoise v 3.5 when using as a plug in to Lightroom.
After hitting “edit in” the progress bar states it is “preparing….” but when that completes Denoise AI screen doesn’t open and the screen reverts to LR without me having the chance to apply denoise edits…

However a tiff file of the image appears in my LR film strip which has no Denoise processing but if I go to the directory folder on my Mac I have a new tiff file with the extended file name including the words “Denoise etc”. This file has been processed by Denoise AI even though I haven’t had the chance to choose the edit style.

So this issue persists in 3.6
I hope there is a fix soon. I cannot use the software this way :frowning: