TOPAZ Denoise 2.4.2

I use Denoise 2.4.2. and Sharpen 2.2.4. from Lightroom as Plugins.
I can export to Denoise, use Denoise, then save, Denoise exports image back to Lighroom, but I can see the picture in Original folder next to original image only when I restart lightroom. That is a nuisance.

In Sharpen 2.2. 4, this issue does not exist. Immediately after telling lightroom to export, I can see an “empty” TIFFimage being created in the image strip on Lightroom, and when Sharpen has finished and I click “save”, the new sharpened image is shown in the image strip. No need to restart.
Why can Sharpen do it and Denoise can’t?

Thansk for your help

Upate: IN the meantime, Sharpen AI also shows the same symptoms as Denoise AI. Restart needed to see pictures.

Is this then ratheer a Lightroom problem or has TOPAZ done something in the recent updates that causes that bug?