Topaz Denoise 2.0 - No Cancel Option

When I use Topaz Adjust and Topaz Sharpen as Photoshop plugins, I have the option to Apply or Cancel. In Topaz Denoise 2.0 the only option is Save. Why is that?

Peter use “REMOVE” option instead of Save (it sits left to save button in blue rectangle). This will close the pic whilst keeping the program opened. Or just press TOP right “X” and you will close everything (Pic + program) without saving your tweaked image.

I do not have a REMOVE button.

The cancel button is on the red strip on the processing box … no need to do destructive closes.


Surely that is to cancel during processing? If you have finished the actual processing and then decide not to return the processed image back to the host editor, that option is no longer available unless you first click on Save.
Doesn’t seem logical to start a save when you have no intention of letting it complete.

There is the option to both Accept and to Cancel in the File menu, but that is not as efficient or as intuitive as having a Cancel button.

Maybe being pedantic, but when Denoise AI is used as a plug in, the Save button doesn’t actually save the processed image, it just returns it to the host editor, so it more correctly should be named Accept, not Save, as it is in the File menu.

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It seems unusual that the buttons are not there any longer but it may be because of the batching inclusion. I noticed they haven’t yet added in the split screen slider but they have said it will be reinstated.

I also agree with your comment about Accept, or maybe Process & Return, because you are right it doesn’t save anything in the sense of the word.

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