Topaz De Noise AI

Hello all and thank you for allowing me to participate in this forum. I am currently still using the out of date Topaz De Noise Ai that I understand now is part of Topaz Photo AI. With this in effect I don’t seem to have the same results in using this old version even though I renewed this subscription last November 2023.
My question is do I now need to upgrade to Photo AI and forget about the 6 months of registration left on my De Noise AI?
Keen to hear comments please.

Welcome to the forum.
If you own Topaz SAI and GPAI as well as DNAI, then I believe you can get upgrade to TPAI for free. If not you have to pay for it.
Otherwise, if denoising is all you need, continue with DNAI until it is no longer compatible with your OS as you upgrade that, or seek an alternative. DxO has just released Pure Raw 4, which is excellent, and On1 is about to release an upgrade to its NoNoise plug-in. Take a look at the trial versions of both before deciding.