Topaz complete workflow


I am a new Topaz AI user. I am also a relatively new Lightroom user (coming from Photos and Aperture). I have seen the Topaz page with the very high level overview of the suggested Workflow and would like a recommendation for a more in-depth look (in video or blog format). I intend to use the AI products selectively, i.e. not every photo will get the treatment.

Also in my first tries to use Sharpen AI as a Lr plug in the image failed to open in Sharpen (it launched the app but did not bring the image into Sharpen (it just presented the Open option for me to search the drive for an image).

The workflow that you mention is also on a use as needed basis, so the map is relevant.

Please explain a little more about your issues with Lightroom including what version of LR, CC or Classic, what format of image is passed etc. I assume by your comments you are on Mac.