Topaz Clean Replacement

So Topaz Studio 2 has supposedly incorporated and replaced Clean. How do I access the “Clean” options in Studio 2? I’ve been using Clean to clean up and restore old comic books, but I can’t find anything close as Clean in the new studio. Am I missing something?

There is no replacement for Topaz Clean.

Studio 1 had an optional add in tool called AI Clear. If I remember correctly whilst it was in the menu of the free Studio version, and could be activated for a limited trial period, it had to be purchased if you wanted to continue using it beyond that…

AI Clear was was not included in Studio 2. Its functionality was incorporated into Topaz Denoise AI, which can be run as a plugin from various host editors, including Studio 2, or as a stand alone utility. It has several operating modes, one of which is AI Clear. You can get the current cost of Denoise AI from the Topaz Labs web site.

Clean is not a Noise reduction tool and AI Clear or DeNoise do not do the same. Topaz Clean smooths the surface of the image and Studio includes the equivalent of these Topaz legacy products …

But you can achieve a similar result using clarity and removing blemishes. Then add texture back in with structure.

Thanks Don,
I wasn’t aware there was a product called “Clean”. I see now from looking at the legacy page that there was. It’s one of the few I don’t have.

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AI Clear has been in Studio 2 since it was launched - it’s right at the top of the filter list.

Try the Abstraction and the Smudge Adjustments …

Thanks Paul,
Definitely not my day! :anguished:

Whilst I still use Studio (1) quite frequently, I must admit to very rarely using Studio 2, but I still don’t understand how I missed seeing it there. Maybe time for new glasses.

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Thank you guys. I tried all the suggestions. AI Clear gets closest to Clean, however it’s not as strong as Clean is. I guess I’ll keep using Clean until I can’t install it any more. Bummer. Topaz had a great product with Clean, I’m bummed it’s not supported any more.

I don’t think it ever sold in vast quantities …

I am having the same problem - can’t find a replacement for Clean - Crisp.

Let me know if you ever find a solution or replacement for Clean. Thanks!

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After all this time I have not found anything close to the visual treatment that Topaz Clean provided. It was the go to filter for all the cleanup work on old photos before reworking them into new illustrations. It had away of distilling the essence of a photo. I’d pay a $1000 right now if I could get that filter to work on my Mac X studio computer.

If anyone ever discovers a way to get Topaz Clean to work on an Apple Studio X computer, please let me know! It was an irreplaceable filter!