Topaz Apps - Screen flickering under Sonoma

That is the solution? To turn the sample rate down permanently?

Time to switch to another product then I guess. Would have been nice to know that before I paid for the renewal on Gigapixel.

I’m having the same problem with Mac Studio. I have no duplicates in my color profile list. Now what?

Just a note to Topaz, your attitude to this kind of issue is the reason why you’ve lost me as a customer. I don’t actually want your integrated app, partly because it has a phenomenally awful ray converter, but mainly because I wanted plug-ins. I’d have paid for just maintenance on Sharpen/Denoise, but no, you want to bait and switch. You’ve sadly demonstrated yourselves to be a serial untrustworthy company.

Good question. You could try what worked for me before I discovered that eliminating a duplicate color profile solved the problem (for me). If you have two displays attached to your Mac Studio, unplug one. I understand that this is not a very satisfctory solution (provided that it works for you) but it did resolve my issue at the time. Other than that, I have nothing further to offer apart from suggestions made by others in this thread.

Thanks for your response. I only have my Apple Studio Display. And, I do not see duplicate color profiles.

Thank you! This worked!

The problem also be with Adobe. I was unable to delete duplicates as suggested in another message.
If you click on the duplicate profiles, you may find that one of them shows this:


I’m contacting Adobe as soon as this is posted.