Topaz apps don't work anymore after installing ON1 PhotoRAW 2021


after installing ON1 PhotoRAW 2021 yesterday all my Topaz Labs programs (Denoise AI, Sharpen AI etc.) won’t work anymore. They are starting, the splash screen is shown and then quit immediately. There is no error message or anything, the windows just close.

It doesn’t matter if I start the standalone versions or the plugins from Affinity Photo. It doesn’t matter if any other program is currently open.
I’m on Windows 10, with the latest drivers for my Nvidia card installed.

Before installing PhotoRAW 2021 everything was working fine. Nothing else had been changed since.
So it seems just the fact that PhotoRAW 2021 is installed on the system is causing this error.

I installed the latest version of Topaz Sharpen after PhotoRAW to see if that would somehow restore any setting that may have been affected by the PhotoRAW installation but that didn’t help.

Has anyone else experienced this behaviour?
Any help is appreciated.


Seems to work OK for me, make sure that you don’t select PSD as that isn’t supported:

And open in DeNoise:

Also a couple of other tips:

  • Only have ON1 Photo RAW 2021 installed, uninstall all other versions
  • Do not change the recommended System settings in ON1
  • Make sure that there is only 1 copy of the Topaz apps installed, i.e. if you have versions other than the current version of DeNoise installed, uninstall them.
  • Do not have the Topaz application open before calling from ON1 (depending on available RAM)
  • If you are using GPU for processing in the Topaz apps, make sure the allowed graphics memory consumption is NOT set to high, use Low or Medium only.

I can confirm that I too am having no issues with Topaz products since installing On1 2021. I have used them in standalone mode and just tested out Gigapixel by sending an image to it from within On1. Of course, I am having to set up all my Send to…s afresh.
This is on Mac OS.

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The problem is resolved!

Thank you for the input. Your reactions showed that obviously nobody else experienced crashes of Topaz apps when installed alongside ON1 PhotoRAW 2021. So the cause for my problem must have been something other.

After further investigation of my system’s logs I found that on the same day I installed PhotoRAW 2021 a Windows update had happened. Part of that was a update to my onboard Intel graphics card driver that I hadn’t noticed. A google search for the dll file mentioned in the event log revealed that this file belongs to the Intel driver and was indeed causing problems for others as well (although other applications were affected in their cases).

Long story short: After reverting to the previous version of the Intel graphics driver all my Topaz apps are working again.
The crashes were not related to the installation of PhotoRAW 2021.

If that is so thank you for the report.

There is also a known issue with the latest 2 versions of Windows where the Intel Thunderbolt driver causes DMA violation.

Intel graphics drivers updates have caused me all kinds of problems for years. I use Microsoft wushowhide program to hide them when they come up.