Topaz apparently out of business

I suppose that Topaz is out of business. I have tried to call them at 972-383-1588 but it says the number has been disconnected. I ordered Frames on March 22, 2018. They sent an email saying that they did not charge my card due to a “technical issue.” But… they DID charge my card!! However, I have not received the product. I have Tweeted and received no response. My emails have been returned saying, “Spam Message Rejected.”

Hardly. Try posting here instead:

Topaz is very much in business. You can put in a support request here.

We do not have phone support, so any phone number you find will not lead to us.

Further, it looks like your order was successful, and that the Topaz Studio system was updated correctly to reflect your ownership. I’ve updated your help request with instructions on claiming your software.