Topaz and smart preview workflow

My workflow involves importing to lightroom classic (photos stored on external hard drive). I edit most photos using lightroom only; i export selectively to photoshop (within lightroom) and while in photoshop, will use topaz modules as filters (adjust/denoise/sharpen).

when away from my desktop, I understand that editing in lightroom CC involves working with smart previews.

My question is, if I work with a smart preview in lightroom CC – and export selectively to photoshop and topaz filters – when i save the image back to lightroom CC as a tiff file – will all of the topaz changes get sync’d to the lightroom creative cloud? when I return to lightroom classic and print the image i edited as a smart preview, will the topaz edits be the same quality as if I had done them all at the desktop to begin with?

You just need to test it to see if it happens.

Unless there is a user here that uses that workflow, I believe not though as in my days using LR it only happened for noon destructive edits … but try it yourself.