Topaz AI which GPU?


I am wondering, how much would make a decent GPU difference in Speed and quality of AIconversions?
running 12th gen i7 12700
128 ram
samsung 990pro 2tb

with no GPU.

What would be the best GPU to get?

Still doubting on Topaz and AVCLABS, what is the difference in output? I am planning to try trial versions of both and compare.

You can view the benchmark here :grinning:

Seems very technical to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Like upscaling a LOW Q video ca 4 minutes to 4k 90fps takes around 4hours now for me. with the intel i7 cpu no GPU.

Hi there!

First of all, thank you for your interest in Video AI :slight_smile:

For Graphics cards, I would strongly recommend a recent GPU that is branded for gaming, think RTX 3060 or 3090 (or higher).

More robust hardware will improve overall performance and processing speed. Your computer’s ability to process a video may be affected by the size of the files and the number of frames. It is possible to exceed the resources of a minimally equipped computer and cause errant behavior.

If you post the original dimensions of the video you mentioned, e.g. 640 x 480 or whatever, we can give you an idea how long that should take you for upscale to say 1080p or 4K, for a given graphics card.

The suggestion of an RTX 3060 ti is a good one though, because they are currently heavily discounted and even an RTX 4080 or 4090 will only roughly double your upscaling speed (a bit less for the 4080, a bit more for the 4090). 3060 ti is the more cost-effective option, not the fastest as mentioned, but far far faster than your CPU alone.

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Here’s my findings on AVCLABS from a while back.