Topaz AI Products Reading DNG Files From Other Topaz AI Products Unable to Produce correct Picture



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I believe you have already had information in another thread that this is a known issue and is being worked on.

In the meantime use TIF as output from your RAW converter as a workaround.

Similar Yes The Examples Are To Show Output From Different Aplications I Believe what You Saw Was From Denoise AI.Adjusting temp ,sat. Than exporting as DNG From Adjust AI.Throws Degrades Picture First Adjust For Purple ,Than light green Each Saved as as Preset.
Top photo Is JPEG From Camera Not The Raw.:slight_smile:

This in the Host Not the Photo.

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I Moved Sliders to -1 in Tint Sat. Temp. Exported Photo as DNG .Reopen DNG in Denoise Ai Auto Settings Export As DNG