Topaz AI... Just updated to the newest version... Hate Autopilot

Okay… I hate Autopilot and everything about it.

How do I disable this so that I can get the old interface back where I can adjust settings the way I like?

I drag and drop an image, it upscales and/or refines the whole image, I tweak the settings as necessary.

That’s all I want.

Now, when I drop an image, Autopilot is only selecting faces. I literally don’t know how to get it to enhance the whole image… you know, like it did before.

The image looks idiotic. The faces of a low resolution image are in denoised and perfect… while their bodies, the background, and everything else in the image looks worse.

This isn’t why I purchased Topaz Photo AI.

What the heck? I want to see the entire image cleaned up.

This is NOT why I purchased Topaz Photo AI.

EDIT: NM… I found where all the actual settings where hidden. My apologies for freaking out, but I’m on a deadline. The last thing I want to do is open an application and find the whole panel interface that I am used to is gone.

Thanks for the update, let us know if you have any other questions.