Topaz AI and Denoise save back to Lightroom out of order on filmstrip

I’m sure this has been posted before but I cannot find a post that has my question, so for those that want to direct me back to another post, feel free – just don’t chastise me for asking the same question others have.

I use Lightroom Classic, and have Topaz Denoise and Sharpen installed as external editors. In the past, when I went to Denoise (the first Topaz product I used), it would save back right next to the original NEF file in Lightroom. Then, it started saving it at the end of the filmstrip. Then it wouldn’t save it where I could find it until I closed LR and then opened again. Now with Sharpen AI, it is saving in the middle of my filmstrip. Is this a Topaz preference or a Lightroom preference that I need to fix? What I want is for the .TIFF file from either Topaz product to show up next to my original .NEF file in my filmstrip. Thank you for your responses.

@dmwilling Check this thread from Adobe Support.

Solved: Stacking issue after having edited - Adobe Support Community - 8918530

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