Topaz AI 2.3 is not updating the created tif file with edits

I recently updated Topaz AI to version 2.3. When I implement Topaz AI, the edit screen pops up and a tif file of the image is created - just like in previous versions. The problem is that the edits are not posted into the created tif with I press the Save button and Topaz AI edit screen remains. I have deleted and reinstalled Topaz AI 2.3 - did not help.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Step 1 Select image to be edited, implement Topaz AI using Editin (opt-cmd-E)
  2. Step 2 Make edits in Topaz A1
  3. Step 3 Press Save

The Topaz AI screen remains and the AI edits not applied to the AI created tif file.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.2.3] on [Mac Ventura 13.6.3]

Are you editing via a LR or Photoshop plugin or using the standalone app?

Jeff -

Thank you for your response. I am using Topaz AI via Lightroom Classic, Additional External Editor (Opt-Cmd-E).


Jeff -

I’m surprised that more people have not reported this, though some have.


Please send in your log files as well as your system profile

Jeff -

On my MiniMac, a Profile is not listed Under Privacy and Security.


2024-02-07-15-53-29.tzlog (35 KB)

2024-02-07-16-10-43.tzlog (34.6 KB)

2024-02-07-16-00-43.tzlog (34.5 KB)

2024-02-07-16-01-42.tzlog (35 KB)

2024-02-07-16-08-10.tzlog (34.5 KB)

2024-02-07-16-18-4.tzlog (32 KB)

So that means that I can no longer use the external editor access to Topaz AI that I have been using since Topaz AI was introduced? In other words, only the plug-in version is now available to me since the Topaz AI update.

I find this quite unsatisfactory!

Todd Cary


I’m glad you reached out to us.

Photo AI should integrate automatically. However, if it didn’t, please be sure Photoshop and Lightroom are closed and then reinstall Photo AI.

If the auto integration does not work, then you may need to use the manual steps below. This shows Sharpen AI as an example, and the other apps will follow the same steps: Sharpen AI Photoshop Plug In Integration

If you still have any conflicts, please send back some screenshots of what you see.

Let me know if that works for you!

Jeff -

Somehow a gap has existed in our communications. Are you aware that Topaz AI is installed correctly (twice), but it is not working correctly as detailed in prior emails?


After installing the recent update to Topaz AI, the problem is fixed!!

Thank you…


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