Topaz AI 2.3.0 crashes after changing sliders

Using Topaz AI as plugin for Ps CS6.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. call Topaz AI from within Ps CS6
  2. Analyzes and finish settings. But I find some things are too much. So …
  3. I reduce the slider of the sharpening
  4. Topaz AI starts initializing and … crashes

Topaz Photo AI [v2.3.0] on [Windows 10]
PC with 16GB ram
Noticed high memory usage and program gets “suspended” state

2024-01-24-16-59-21.tzlog (141.0 KB)
2024-01-24-17-08-57.tzlog (42.1 KB)

Hey there,

Please make sure you update your GPU driver, that is usually the cause of most crashes with the app

Then make sure you disable and browser security you might be running, these are know to interfere with the install models

Lastly rerun the installer from “My Products" page:

If the issue persists contact our support team for more help

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