Topaz AI 2.2.2 oddities

When I am in Lightroom Classic and select file/ Plugin Extras/ Process with topaz, it now takes a good long time to launch topaz and once it is launched it does not show me the picture that I wanted to edit. Rather it has 73 thumbnails at the bottom of the screen and is showing me the first one in that list. I have tried to select all and close then relaunch Topaz, but I get the same results.

How do I get those thumbnails to go away and get Topaz to load the photo I am trying to edit in Lightroom Classic?

I have also noticed that if I use the plug in Apple Photos it works jus fine and if I open the Topaz application by itself and open a picture, it does not show any thumbnails at the bottom other that the picture I opened.

Seems to be an issue with Lightroom Classic. Has anyone else run into this issue?

Photo AI should integrate automatically. However, if it didn’t, please be sure Photoshop and Lightroom are closed and then reinstall Photo AI.

go to Help>Install Photoshop Plug Ins . Close apps, and check if Photo AI, Sharpen AI and DeNoise AI now appear in Photoshop under Filters and Gigapixel AI under File>Automate. How To Launch Gigapixel As A Plugin In Photoshop

If you still have any conflicts, please contact support directly

Let me know if that works for you!