Topaz AI 1.3.0 Crashes while processing

While batch processing photos it will randomly crash while processing. Going from full size non compressed tiffs to 100% jpegs. Have never jad this issue up till 1.3. It may process 3 photos or 22 then just randomly crashes to desktop.

Have fully uninstalled then reinstalled., Uninstalled gpu drivers, with DDU, and reinstalled and tried changing from game ready to studio drivers. Ran as administrator, and even set the process from normal to high priority in task manager. Cant seem to nail the cause down as its inconsitant with every run.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Add files to process
  2. Hit process
  3. Wait till it crashes

Topaz Photo AI [v1.3.0] on [Windows]

2023-04-17-18-29-3.tzlog (1.1 MB)
2023-04-17-18-15-38.tzlog (688.7 KB)

Thanks for sending the log files. This is a known issue with batch processing that we are currently working on.

I shared the log files with the developer in case it helps them get closer to a solution. For now, I would recommend continuing to keep Topaz Photo AI updated as we will be releasing an update that should fix this soon.

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