Topaz Adjust AI issues?

Still on version 1.0.5- no updates since August 2019.
Has Topaz given up on this product?

Please specify the problem you are experiencing.

Problem was/is not my question. Other AI products getting improvements and I was wondering about Adjust AI.

One issue is that the Jpeg quality setting is not sticky like the other products (defaults to 10 every time). Very annoying.


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In Affinity Photo I typically use a setting of 95 to 97 but Topaz only let me choose in ten point steps. I don’t want 9 so I usually choose 10. I wish they would put in a slider and allow adjustments of 50 to 100.

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I’ve had adjust AI since it came out as I’ve been a user of the original adjust for many years

The problem is when I launch Adjust AI from photoshop, whilst it appears to load ok it doesn’t work properly. The page down sliders just don’t work so all I can see is the first set of presets but none of the others

The other problem I have is that over the years I’ve come to rely on a set of presets in Adjust that now define my style. Such as dramatic and portrait drama etc and I can’t find theses in Adjust AI. Which may be due to the first issue

Either way it renders Adjust AI useless for me as I can’t get it to work properly

Please help

Thanks Martin