Topaz Adjust AI Default Setting or at least return to previous choice

Just got Topaz Adjust AI and it seems like a fantastic addition!

I am wondering why it does not open with the previously used settings when you open a new image the way Topaz Adjust and Topaz Studio do.

Further, I would like to be able to create a preset and define it as the default so that it gets selected automatically when I open the program. This would help the general user who prefers the same starting point each time they use the program and it would be especially helpful for the user who wants to program an action in Photoshop.

Once and expected behavior can be created, an action can also be used to batch process images, a huge benefit for those who need to process hundreds or thousands of images at once, such as wedding photographers, event photographers, sports photographers, etc.

At a minimum, I hope you can add in the basic feature of returning to the last accessed preset, as exists in Topaz Adjust and Topaz Studio. If this existed in Topaz AI, at least the program could be used with a PS action. As it stands now, I don’t know of a way to do this.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Topaz Adjust AI seems to be a great step forward.

Alas, I cannot figure out a way to use if from PS actions. With Topaz Adjust (not AI) and Topaz Studio, the last preset the user applied is automatically applied to the next image opened, a very handy feature since we are more likely to use the previous starting point than anything else. This feature also means that once you have gone in once during a session, you can use an action to repeat the previous effect.

Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case with Topaz Adjust AI. Instead, if it is invoked from an action, it does nothing to the image :disappointed:

Is there another way to accomplish this?

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Topaz adjust ai is a plug in, not an action
Accessit from the plug in part of the menu

I use to use Photoshop and did a lot of actions (macro scripts). I remember there was a way to pause after a step. You could use the pause and then be able to adjust the results manually in Topaz AI, after which, you continue. If all you are doing is calling TAI in a script then you might as well just open it manually but I assume you have other functions as well.

Even though I don’t use Actions, it would be very helpful to default to a preset with each new image. And when one opens the preset panel, it would save time and aggravation to open the category one last used. Right now every time I open the preset panel it defaults to Featured, rather than My Collection, which is what I always use.

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Thank you for the reply. I was not confused about this part. I am able to include things from menus into actions, including Topaz Adjust and Topaz Studio. But it does not work with Topaz AI because it isn’t possible to set a default action (my preference) or to have it use the last action, as Topaz Adjust and Topaz Studio do.

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Thank you for your response.

You are correct. After you record the action, you can click on the box to the left to set it to pause. This works fine, but it means I need to take the action to set the preset. Even though I am on a pretty fast machine, it takes a while for Topaz Adjust AI to even allow me to select the option I want. And, even if I could do it quickly, I don’t want to have to babysit the action as it runs. This is fine if you are just doing one file.

My goal is to set Photoshop to open every file in a directory, one at a time, and to carry out the steps in my action on that file, including making changes using Topaz Adjust AI, and then save the file. It then opens the next file. While I am sleeping (or having lunch, or making coffee), it will work its way through, say, 300 images. If I had to stand there and do the step by hand, I could be there for hours just to accomplish that task.



And, better still, have it automatically select the preferred (default) item on the My Collection list. That way, your most used action is elected and you can click another without changing lists. Plus, for those of us who do use actions, it is actually possible. :smile:

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I don’t use Actions either but I agree with this topic’s suggestion. It’s a nuisance having to wait for Featured to load before I can get to My Collection.

I’d also like the ability to select favourites because the two I like are in different categories. I know I could alter them slightly and add them to My Collection but it doesn’t seem worth the bother while it always defaults to Featured at the moment.


I’m also in agreement with this topic, it would be VERY helpful if you can select a default setting to open Adjust AI each time.

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I tend to process a fairly large number of images at one time, starting with basic editing and a review in Lightroom to select images to be processed, followed by editing (mostly in Topaz Studio). Occasionally I use plugins from TS when that seems appropriate but I do tend to resort to this only in exceptional cases.
As a consequence, I’d not yet used AI Adjust much.

This morning I decided to take the final outcome from this process and run them through Topaz Adjust AI as a test and I was pretty impressed with the results; but I have a question and an additional suggestion. The question is why not include such a good capability within TS itself as a filter?

But if that is not done then I would probably prefer to use it much the way I just outlined - as a final touch on a large batch of images. For that mode of use, it would be useful to have available a masking operation to give more flexibility in blending the adjusted image with the original. Some additional thought about supporting application to a large number of images would also be appropriate.

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This is a good suggestion.

If Adjust AI could be run from within studio and the settings selected were retained by studio, than one could run a batch on files through Studio.

Another option which would solve the problem for most/all of us. :smile:

I posted my own topic on this a few days before - but in case Topaz peeps are reading - this is a feature I would like to see readded - the load last settings on open

Ir helps greatly in editing, allowing a batch function from tools like photoshop, but also helps in reducing time as I don’t have to scroll through the looks to find the one that I want to reapply to the loaded photo.

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