Topaz 4.2.0 - Blackbox appears throughout the whole video after a few seconds of encoding or upscaling

After about 10 to 15 seconds of upscaling, a small blackbox appears and then the big blackbox covers half of the screen and eventually stays there throughout the whole video.

Using proteus, fix compression is 80% and improve details 80% and add grain 1. Nvdia 3090 evga FTW 3. Window 11.

went away for me after i lessened my gpu core undervolt, and because of that now i simply use topaz as my stability test over software like occt lol. if theres black and white box and blinking and all that that means i undervolted too much even tho that setting passed every test i threw at it beforehand.

in your case i will go into the gpu tuning software, keep every setting and value intact and just return core voltage back to default. if the black box goes away then i know its the voltage.

I didn’t mess with any setting of the GPU and I am just using the default. Anyway, after changing back to 4.1.2, the issue is gone. So not sure what happens to 4.2.0. Other people have had the same issues in older version of topaz. I have been using it for a while and never encountered such an issue, only minor artifacts esp proteus v3. As for proteus v4, the model has denoised too much and is inferior to proteus v3.

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