Top of the Malahat Highway on Vancouver Island

From a pano I took a few years ago. Now printed on 15 inch by 52 inch canvas and mounted above my bed.


Excellent. Did you use any Topaz tools to process?

Oh yes. Here’s the original shot.

Some simple processing in Paint Shop Pro and then Topaz Studio 2 - Stylistic filter - A Neon Rise - and then fiddled till I liked the finish. I like it quite a bit. I suspect I may end up having some more shots printed and framed.

Creative and fun edit …


What vendor did you use to make the canvas print?

A guy here on Vancouver Island near my house.

Lots of great photos & art work on the Island Exposures web site!

“A Neon Rise” is really such an underrated filter. I’ve used it in several test photos to good effect. I like how this one turned out.