Too slow

I am trying to use Topaz Photo Al and it is too slow to be doing what Topaz Studio did in a few seconds

Topaz Studio does not have any functionality that Photo AI has. As Photo AI doesn’t have any functionality that is in Studio.

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You are a Beta Tester. I am just a Senior Citizen Photographer who loves photography and people and a former social worker who handled Policy and Programs regarding Child Protective Services — you are correct. We will see if I really find Photo AI is necessary. I do really like DeNoise…

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Beta tester is just a label as I am a senior citizen also but I can apply 5 or 6 labels to myself. Just so you are aware Photo AI needs substantial resources to run and does not have any of the creative effects in Studio.

You should also be aware that Studio is a legacy application no longer for sale so it will not be updated again.

You’re quite correct when you say Studio is no longer for sale. Thank goodness I still have my copy. I for one would love it if they revamped it. It was the very essence of Topaz and is still a wonderful product, still way ahead of it’s time. If they ever decided to bring it back on the market together with some promotional advertising - they used to have some stunning examples of it’s capabilities - I’m sure it would sell and thus bring in another source of funds.

Ai is a completely different animal, competing with all the others out there which do not allow any creative input from the user.

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