Too Much Time on My Hands Lately

Been getting my head round some of the more obscure features of my software collection, decided against my better judgement to return to Studio 2 and see if I could make something of it.

While Topaz seem determined not to include layers in Studio 2, or at least ignore the 12 month clamour for them, and to instead concentrate on their over-hyped and not-so-useful and ever-so-flaky AI products, I was wondering if there was a way I could slot a layer system into Studio 2 using the support of other software. Turns out there is but it’s fiddly and time-consuming and slightly limited, but it is possible by swapping files between another editor (in my case ON1) and Studio 2 which closes down automatically after each use. And which presents another problem.

Studio 2 has to reload its customer presets EVERY time it is opened - I have well over a hundred of these and it takes some time for them to come in. Why it cannot build an internal and retrievable record of presets remains a mystery, just like the request for layers it has been asked for many times before, but progress on all but AI products seems to have been halted and has not moved for many months now.

Isn’t it time to get back to some of these overdue requests?


I save-out all presets in my Google Drive … mebbe while TS2 is this unwieldy we all might do the same? Sorry to hear of your Topaz woes too!

Yeah, I learned to back up everything, too. Drives me mad that they just don’t seem to want to finish what they started.

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I suspect that when they get it right - it’ll really be right!
I also suspect that what with social-distancing etc
that they might not have the benefit of a full complement
of staff at the moment!

Stay safe, stay well, and most of all - stay patient :wink:

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