Too much skin smoothing

Hello, on female subjects; the skin is smoothed too much. It looks beautified and unnatural. Would there be a way to add some skin detail back to the photos? Another issue I noticed is on the boundary of the face and the rest of the image, one can notice an increase in noise right away.

I tried sliding the Denoise and Strength sliders and I couldn’t get the effect I wanted.

Topaz Photo AI [v2.0.1] on [Mac]

Thanks for reaching out. This is likely due to Face Recovery. Please try decreasing the strength to get a more natural look for your images.

I agree. I don’t think face recovery is the issue; it happens even with face recovery switched off, and seems mostly a result of something in the Upscaling feature.

It is th eonly issue i have with this otherwise fine software.

Yes happens with face recovery turned off. It is also patchy, not all across the face.

I’ve tried denoise, deblur and also adjusting the face recovery strength – No matter what I do, there’s a sharp increase in noise as soon as the detected region for the face ends and the neck begins.

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