Toipaz Studio 2.2 does not completely install

When I updated to Topaz Studio 2.2.0 the program seemed to install fine. When I opened the program I received a message that Topaz Studio 2 needed to finish installing and the program would close in 10 seconds. It closed and then nothing happened. I waited several minutes and even checked the task manager to see if the program was running. It was not. I opened the program and received the same massage. I contacted support and after jumping through their hoops nothing works. They had me check my Net Frame work. It is up to date. All my drivers are up to date. They even sent me a 64 bit installer. Nothing works. I have uninstalled the program and tried reinstalling. Turned off anti-virus to install. Support has sent my issue to the developers but I haven’t heard from them in three weeks and personally doubt I will. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

Download the installer from the downloads page on the Topaz Labs website and reinstall after uninstalling the current version.

Did that in the beginning. As a matter of fact I go to their download page at least once a week and try the downloads. No luck. I am going to create a new profile on my computer and try that to see if this is a profile issue. I’ll let you know. Thanks for the suggestion though.