To upgrade or not

I am using Photo AI V1.2.1 and am entitled to a free upgrade to V1.5
I am a basic user, not a pro, and am reasonably satisfied with the product. I occasionally use Gigapixel and Denoise separately. I use Photoshop 2015CC for basic image processing.
After reading many comments about problems with various upgrades, I wonder if upgrading might not be worthwhile. I rarely process batches, and don’t use raw files. My backlog contains 35mm files, and digital photos from Canon SLRs and some P&S cameras. Most of my work does not get to larger than 8x10.
Advice will be appreciated.

@regmwatts Thanks for reaching out- I understand your concern with buggy updates.

Since 1.2.1, we’ve updated our AI models and UI based on user feedback. If you update and don’t like it, you can actually revert back to any previous version here: Releases - Topaz Community

That way, there’s no risk of being stuck with an updated version you don’t like.

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Quick note, there was a bug with the in-app updater for v1.2.1. Please use the full installer on the website. You can download a new installer from the downloads page directly.

Thanks for both messages, good to know I can revert

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