Titled: 'The Bust, Unfinished"


lots of character - and lots of questions

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A great image to hang in the window on Halloween! :slight_smile:

Looks to be part human and part bear. Very cool processing.

I like this B&W abstract a lot… it very thought provoking.

lol, Thank you all for the thoughts,
All the questions? ya,Im still trying ot figure it out, it’s got me too, :slight_smile:
No idea where he came from
thank you(s) much love the inputs neg or pos
Altho the negs I just dont read,lol

Oh BTW When I was working the titles I forgot I was to use this one I just edited to, I wanted to inject the question of what was unfinished, and again thanks guys,

Very nice - did this start as a photo or drawing? At any rate very thought provoking…

Im 65, when I was 20’s 2 yrs of art school chg’ed the way I saw everything around me, it was weird, perspectives shapes pos creates negative, visa versa, faces everywhere, in rocks, wood, etc, but I never learned ot paint I couldn’t settle down long enough, but I made it thru the 2 yrs of study, after I knew I saw things others didnt so I started photographing what I saw because I knew it was different and nobody knew or was going ot know unless I somehow recorded it, I didnt want ot die and not have any know some of the things that surrounded us all, not that I though anyone would care it was for me to record it for myself and family not that they cared either, because they did not, they hadn’t a clue and I didnt really care, they all are really stuck in a box, even today,they wonder what kind of depression Im suffering when I want ot do a dark art, I just must have something bothering me, or I feel stuck in something, :/, shesh, talk about stuck, in a box and cant get out, its not me, so anyway, I warmed up in film but when the 1st 3mg pix cam came out I really started capturing all these things even if I didnt know what in the heck I was going ot do with it, but I started playing, in fact after the first year and the cameras started growing I started keeping all the files I took, especially the really bad failures as I ever saw things in those, example, maybe a portrait that I didnt have a flash on and it came out throw away, some of the throw aways have become some of the strongest concept dark arts,I have and will put them in a book with the story or the concept, also I try and make dark art have a positive concept to it, such as one Titled “Imperfect as I am, Iam still Me” its here somewhere I think, definitely on my facebook, so now a day, I shoot anything that is different, even if I have no idea where it will be used. example are the redyellow hands, they are smeared,hand prints on a glass I found in an alley in Chelan, some wiped there hands and the started making hand prints on chunk of glass, photoing ,a person walking down the street, that is dressed oddly, someone that did something extreme so they will be noticed, I wlll stop them and start talking, have them a quick something ot show them and tell them why I want shoot them, they have something, their eyes, face, hair, most of the time they are glad to pose. long story shortened up, I have a huge file of all kinds of images and textures, special effects down with open lens and zooming at same time at night, those have provided much experimenting and used many, so, yes, everything starts as one of my own images and it doesnt matter if they are failures or small pixels as I mash them up anyway, but most now are 16 mg and 24 mg pix cams, BUT, really it is many big thing that have ot come together and one is the work flow with many different programs used here and there over and over then, Ill use some of the effect, or maybe in just one area with the many programs used. 6 yrs ago I had an image in mind of what I wanted ot create, and it was not photographs, I like photos for freezing incredible animal positions that we have a hard time seeing otherwise,but uck! a photograph? I wanted something that looked as far away from that as possible, its hard to even begin to explain this process, I hope this was of interest in some way, any questions feel free, accepting facebook friend requests Tom G Whipple there is a lot of boating images and recording right now and older workflow artwork some newer dig deep


Wheeeuuu someones long winded,