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like the textures and colours

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Love it. Looks like it’s after “The Scream”.

thank you Terry, man, I want to make these with real paint,I think I need ot try a squeeze a painting class in so I can be taught how to take a pix of something and duplicate it with oil or?, thnx:))

KATHY! wow, I LOVE it!, I love that thought of having the scream re- represented, you dont know how big of a favor you have done, It is funny I struggled and struggled about the titled and nothing was right because I saw something completely else I just couldnt not put my finger on it, it was the scream in the quiet back on my mind, well ,lol not so friggn quiet actually, back to the subject before I drift to far away with the excitement of what you brought, Im not sure what the title will end up, maybe you can brain storm with me or anyone else if they like, Im not greedy, a title that suggests the scream without trespassing on it, OH my dear thank you, My mornings are a bit hard , this one is different as I am hosting a very nice female (innocent all the way) female ,the bnb I run off my boat to make monthlies, so this morning which is usually hard mentally started off good because of how nice and loving AMY is (innocent LOL) now you bring this inspiring revelation, I did want ot paint this now I really! want to paint it, after we have that title nailed down, but ahhhhrggg I have ot learn how ot paint, thsank yoiu so much, lets go with it, My friend Kathy help in the titling will appear in the descriptions, The source of the photo, I was walking the alley in Chelen on a family weekend, and someone was dong some painting in red on a wall there was a piece of glass maybe 10x10, the painter had red pain coving their hands evidently and whiped it off on the glass, then start having fun making hand prints, a hole bunch of them, I hit a gold mine of reference material to some day play with, 2 months ago I started with the creepiest on altho the others are just to me as intresting as these were, thank you unknown painter/urban artist lol the scream, first thing I started working on for the title is, what if the scream could not talk, yell, scream or the vocal cords didnt work, the scream may have had to be done via hand signing,see where im going? how do we say the scream without saying it but sugessting it was done be hand signing, this could be the scream by sign language. “Scream by Brail” ???

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Print it onto canvas and then use oils or acrylic onto the canvas in a few areas to make it look painted


Terry’s suggestion is a good one…The odds are it would never be as good if you don’t already have the painting skills. Very hard to distinquish the real from the photo with good printing and a clear brush stroke overlay.

How about Silent Surrender?

Ya I saw some of those in Fred Myer with a few dabs of acrylic and of course my eye, as your no doubt, do go right thru it knowing what it really is, a bandaid on a print lol,I have not been a fan of those canvas pretends in the first place, they chip and they are still flat, altho I have used them a few times, and they definitely have their place. and I thought I would even give it a try for fun, thanks for the suggestion, all we do is learn and get more ideas, have you done this?, I think I might try to stroke a texture of clear texture on the entire “print” first that might help the areas that remain flat printed canvas give a bit of real texture, using,whats it called, oh a textured gel, tried it on the watercolor paper prints,but clogged up the real texture in the paper,(failure ), I have some dig re-painted shots that I took on the Big Island during that fiasco, that scream for flat metal,
I had planned on doing a canvas print and plopping some paint on it but it will not be something that I can do other then experiment with it as I will always to me be a bandaid on a flat canvas wannabe painting. Maybe thisis an old story I told already, I doing os not out of anything other then sharing, I found some satisfaction when I found some true water color paper that has a heavy texture imbedded in the paper, it is treated to accept inkjet printers then I located a pro large format printer that resides at office max, did a few cheep prints on their paper, euKKK! signed a few and gave them to the right guy, made friends, then introduce my textured paper to him , let him choose a piece, (it was one of the dark arts) signed it and I was in like flint (BTW where did in like flint come from? look it up!?) anyway–,that was the first experiment in using textured true water color paper (pushing as far away from a photo as I can) it worked and after working on the workflow a lot more when the right piece printed on the textured one, just can not tell what and how the piece was made, (success) most guessed they were water color painting with something else (ink?), some guessed mixed media of some kind, so this works better then any other yet EXCEPT!!! it still does not have that "let me look closely at all that texture that paints give, but! until that gets worked out, this achieves one of the criteria I was after, Textured watercolor, but some still think acrylic,but there is no texture, but at least in now way this textured water color and the applied workflow looks anything like a photo, ,yeah! :confused: so I do not think I have anything else ot do or any other way to achieve the other criteria Im obsessed with, mountains of real texture, Learn how to paint the work the computer creates with me. I have to find the time to learn paint, create on the computer print then truly on blank canvas, paint it. I love receiving all your ideas and hope ot beacon more in, we never know when one little idea or big or a word turns into something big, just like Kathie’s simple statement, the hands kind reminds her of the scream, so I am not rejecting any of you thoughts just absorbing and explaining all I have explained on the background and goals of the road I hop on and off off,its hard to stay on art even 50% as I have my 98 yr old mom, the boats needs, the making my monthlies by renting room and giving tours around the lake, Im desperate to find a way to create the visions so my studio is my home rocking on the water even if anchored in a cove selling from boat, someone told me (they are commercial artist) that instagram brings him work, shrug? THANK YOU, hope I didnt bore anyone to sleep or to turning the page, lol

Kathy, Just thought of ,

" “After the Scream”
“The Scream, After”

I think I am drawn to how I felt when I read what you wrote, it made me think of association,
Like you said, reminds you of the Scream, so this is brail for the scream,
it is the scream, for the deaf

Okay, then how about Tactile Scream?

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Nope - never tried it - just seen it done - thought I might try it when I got the right image.
Think yours might respond well

Very powerful work, very interesting discussion!

Thank you Ken, I tend to try and say a lot and know I get tried of writing and have so much more to do and I also am aware how hard it is to read somones babble , then the next hard thing about the long breath is proof reading, which Im bad at doing it as i write so long but I have a lot to say, however I hope it comes out coherent and worth it to read and discuss, thank you all for partaking in this,
Iam really looking forward and excited to find the title that tell that this is the scream but in brail for the deaf, that is here I decided I want the title to say, and thanks to Kathy for getting me started in that direction as the first tile was empty and just a filler, this one si connected in a big way if we can find a way to say it,

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I’ve had several things printed on canvas, they all were acceptable but a lot depends on the printer. The ones done by mass producers were OK but the dedicated print house I used for my first one had work he had done on the floor to see where I’d defy anyone to recognize them as prints. At an extra charge of course and too expensive for me to try on my own. They were overlayed with gel brush strokes but they also had a process that built up a three dimensional look and feel as you might have with a heavy paint lay-down. There are two things to consider…whether you want to paint for your own enjoyment and edification or for a product to sell. If the former is what you’d like, then nothing else will do. If the latter is the case, it’s a lot rougher. Most people will not pay the price your time and effort deserve. You have to find a buyer who sees something in your work they want to own, A painting can lie dormant for years before it moves. Then again, much of your work is unique and a new star might rise…