Titled: "Eyes to the Prize" (A study in composition) Remember: it is a study (lessons) in composition,

I know there there is found many levels of knowledge, opinions and talents within this group, in the case of my words shared, these are just from my experiences, experiments and being lifted by others sharing their knowledge so keeping in mind these facts I mean no disregard to those that know more (BTW Id love to learn what you know), see things differently or disagree with some of my interpretations, my words are only meant to share my own experiences and opinions, helping those that have not crossed these bridges yet.
if it fits someones interest and they can use or find anything intresting within, thats is all I trying to do is to share what I have found fascinating and hope it can help elevate past fill a person(s) empty floor as they rise in their understandings and experiances within the tall vast hidden subjects within the word “art”
(Iam also practicing on you all as I need ot make my thoughts clear to help create a curriculum as I have been asked ot show hang my art and teach concept and composition in a gallery ,50 miles from here,
For you: I find FB and sites such as Topaz are very good training grounds, first you get to see and critique you own art by posting , taking a look with eyes from outside.
Identify the artists that understand areas you might feel weak in, and I suggest, true or not, feel weak in all areas and keep asking even if you know, and especially if you dont.
OK, blabla bla,lol

For those playing the game, more blablabal, :)) Question?

What is the main subject of this piece?

It is a game,
a lesson/study I prefer to think of it as study keeping it an exchange or information, door open for learning from the other Ok so a study in composition plus concept, how to Control the viewers eye to help them, read the images voice they way you want them to, helping get your concept seen and interpreted.

Have a go at it,

Realizing concept art is of course, or can be very subjective to the viewer,
but in this case, for this purpose of this games lesson, there is only one answer :))

and it is not really an answer rather then looking at the mechanics of this type of art.

Mechanics? How ot get the viewer to arrive at the artist point, philosophy, concept, ethics or whatever the artwork is about and again not in this case, maybe that work is about the viewer finishing it. just as a note for thought, I have created many with an open ending or one with several roads that the viewer can take, still purposed for viewers involvement,
Here you finish it! ,
,it brings the viewer into the creation of the art piece,
just as a note and more blablabla ,I have one coming that is open ended, like many comes with an artist statement, telling of part of the concept and that the vier can finish provided with a place ot summarize their take then join the signatures on the work as being part of the artist that created. =(FOOD of thought for those with a plan or goal)

This piece we are looking at it is to mainly focus on the mechanics there is not much of a concept in it. their can be, thats this time up to you, Id like ot keep hearing your take, but back to the main reason of posting it,>>>
So this is a shallow piece to simplify the start showing some of the steps and considerations to get to deeper aspects of the combination of Concept/composn.

I just recently found “HEEELP” in my opion such a mov ing concept I have to share if it is approved.
A magnificent example of a deep concept piece,
this is much different in the sense that the visual does not depend on composition as it is a moving clip,
, it is just an extremely moving conceptual works that is so powerfully done to not pass it along to demonstrate a deep deep concept concept for interested folks. nothing much to do with post works. however learn from it those into concelpt, it has lots ot teach.
You might need ot freind request my face book page to see this, but for you artists it is well worth giving into FB, you can delete after, I dont know where else to find it,
Send FB request to Tom G Whipple, also come for some boat rides, but watch this works, wow, gave me wet eyes, titled: Heeelp"

back to it:
those interested I would again love hear your interpretations on heeep
I have watched more time then I care ot admit to and analyzed, got the artist to give me yes and no answers as to what the concept is, that I now have it pretty well understood. (A rule for teaching, never tell what your concept is, receive questions that you can give yes and no answer but let the student interpret the work in stages with those yes and no’s,

just help keep them on track ,
or another step is in the evolution of understanding the form, is to keep your concept to your self and give it entirely to the viewer to create their own,
to me part of the purpose of discussing concept art is to help viewers developed their own vision and imagination development,
some of my work is for the viewr to finish, trying ot get them involved for themselves.
the meaning they read into it is the meaning of the image,to them,
Those works are very satisfying to create as it is giving substance to the interested or beginner.

Concept, it is a huge multi purpose artworks they are looking at where so many things are there to see or know, not just some strange images.
Thinking art, Image reading.
Thank you for reading, coming ot my FB page ot view the “Heeelp” Clip and any involvement with this training image,

Fabe Book, Topas, etc god test beds,for your work, devloping your own theories, or in this case a place ot help create teaching materials,
Thank you from where all things are felt


it did - and I liked it


Well done. The first thing that popped into my mind was “flagship”. I think it’s the colors and the illusion of stripes.

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Terry, Thank you Terry for telling me that it did what it was meant to do, that is very honest of you , and i hope my statment didnt come off as a soap boxish, egotistical, its just a way pulling effects from viewer to make sure they work,thnx, bro artist

And KathyI love hearing the impressions these guide me in the next work, thank you for the guidence, I respect all of your work no matter wat level anyone is at, I am an open book and glad ot share with those that see something


nope - no probs bro

All the work and money that a boat entails - but also the love of the boat and the ocean.

Thank you for your interpretation, thats nice
Lets keep at it :)))

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