Titled: "Chimney Sweep"


lots of beautiful lines

Really like the colors in this image

thank you everyone
lol , Thought Id better balance my little universe and put something pastel ish out kinda like tossing salt over the shoulder, whatever that does, :slight_smile:


I love the image - very nice lines and colors!

But I dont see any place for a chimney swwep to work :wink:

Probably why we don’t see many sweeps anymore.:relaxed:

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Exactly,the title is a dead end,
That,at one time during the development of this piece became my main intent,
now where for a chim sweep to go,
a non sensible title
a dead end,
dead end for chimney sweeps

GOOD JOB!!! in image reading and looking outside the box, thank you so much,


Very different work that I have seen from you Tom in the past. The colors are beautiful and you have balanced them perfectly.

I would not have picked this as a work of yours. I chose to look at it tho, because I was attracted by the color.

Any work you do is good.

And after another really good look, the way you handled those branches of the tree is just simply spectacular! Sure, there is a bit of overcolor but overall, a very difficult project well done.

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Ahhh that’s what I thought - but in the village where I now live we have a couple of sweeps because the clean air regulations are dis-applied and wood burning stoves are the trendy gear to buy

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ahhhh like a cool bath on a 110 deg day, thank you Seabreeze,
the tree was such an ugly brown,
You, Ken, and the rest have made my day today,
I bow in a thank you to all that look and look again,
to think, to study,
a good exercise on image reading

What village do you live in, I love that name Village, I can think of a phto I did in corrnwell of a 600 year old village that has had updates but 30% is still reaches back, low doors nothing straight or square, beautiful I must find it sometime when time and disposition allows,

I live in a large village which sits in a string of villages (sort of nearly touch each other) on the south eastern side of Leeds in West Yorkshire in England. It’s called “the Eastern villages” on that side of the city. We have a church from about late 11th century but it has much earlier foundations. (My daughter lives nearby in another village which has Saxon origin. That’s where the sculptor Henry Moore used to go to church.) We have the remains of a castle built after 1066. You can see stones in a few of the walls which probably came from the Roman fort (over 2000 years ago). About 100 years ago the village was part of the coal production of the UK and the village was quite tiny (and dirty). Now it’s become quite fashionable to live here and house prices are rising because of the excellent road network. We moved here 2 years ago.


Yes these is and thank you for mentioning it, I wanted ot clean the wood up get ride of the splatter effect from changing the colors and saturation burnout, but got lazy and in a hurry to get it out, it has been around for 3 years, but because you mentioned it in the tree I will get to fixing it and will not forget now, word spoken I do nt forget, what I did late last night??? ahhhhhh ??? I will have ot look on this forum for starters lol thanks SeaBre

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your ringing n my ear, not as an ego thing but has a satisfaction , as I recognized once, you are one of the ones that have have the eyes to see art

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Thank you VERY much, a very kind thing to say, and also to all, thank yu for looking

Thank you very much for the sroty, love it, read it 3x now, On a rare trip to England I was honored to be taken on by an English GirlFriend I once had, We went out driving hundreds of miles sleeping in a van with an air bed. This I believe was one of the places I was luck to see, thank uyou again for the story

@ninelivezzz - thanks - you are most welcome

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BTW, do you know what a “sroty” is anyway?

Terry? Do you live in England?

Yup in Northern England - in “God’s own County” where - so they say - pockets are deep and arms are short ----- but I don’t believe it because folk here are kind and generous — even to outsiders like me

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Terrific job with this. The saturated blue sky really helps the roof tops to stand out.

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