Timeline etc hidden by Settings Area, on 1280x1024 Display

System Profile: Windows Version 10.0.19044.1889, 16GB Ram, Ryzen 5 5700, 1660ti
Monitor: Eizo Flexscan S1921 with 10 Bit Lut

Dont have the Problem in any Version before Topaz Video AI 4.

Please fix that. The Windows API (i’m a hobby coder, for 20 about years)
has a Ton of functions (even Win2k), to hide huge areas (like the Settings on the right Side) by Click (even Win2k got them,) resize Areas, resize bars etc etc etc
and not anybody use large Displays.

By the Way. If i use Deinterlacing with a Vob File, the Output will land
on a totaly different frame.
Example: First Frame 100 @Src, First Frame @Output is 150 (in the Output File and
the Preview Area inside Video Ai)
FFMpeg is known for bad Vob File Handling.
FCCHandlers MPEG2 PlugIn for VirtualDub does a much better job.

Thanks for reporting this, in the meantime, this can be resolved by changing your screen resolution in windows settings

In regards to the vob issue, could you upload the original file, the exported file out of video ai and the app’s logs to my Dropbox so we can look into this, please be sure to send me a note to let me know you’ve sent something. Submit File to Dropbox

Sorry, cant change the res to a res that makes sense :slight_smile:

19" 5:4 Native Resolution is 1280x1024, lowering the Res = Blurrines because not
the Native Res from the Display. Higher not possible even if, then i got the same Problem.

Not native Res = Blurrines or Scroll Bars which is absolute not acceptable for me.

I restore Pron DVD’s, i guess uploading is probably out of the question, for copyright reasons.

Before somebody asks:

The Main reason why i use a small ““Stoneage”” 19" Display with 5:4 is because it is the best for doubling the Res from a DVD **

Even 720x480 can look great & very detailed on a small Display (not so on Screens with 1080p and above), if the source has a good Quality or was processed in the right way.

All above 2x look to artifical for my taste. Extreme thined out pores, hair (not on the Head, more downwards)

** Why ? (i refer to the part with the two * above)

1080p Display = to big + odd res divisiors.

If a 720x480 Clip is displayed with 1:1 on a 1080+ Display it’s way to small (looks like a stamp, and because of the stamp size, blocking, ringing etc is less visible)
and then it’s way harder to judge (compared to a 1280x1024 native Display)

if the Settings, restored/added detail (Detail and Sharpness are totaly different things for me, sharpness increase is easy to spot, detail increase or decrease not easy to spot with stamp size) on the skin because the density is to high, if displayed so small.

Now if the 720x480 Clip is resized to touch the Borders of the 1080p screen, it will
be a odd 2.666666 x Hor upscale which is not a productive base for detail enhancement + deblocking + deringing etc and on top of that, it will look much worse compared to a 19" 1280x1024 Display.

Even when Doubling to 1440 x 960, any 1080p+ Flat Display will not display the Clip in the native resolution so theres at least 1.5 x upscale, which result in blurrines.

Now with a 19" 1280x1024 and a 720x480 Clip i can judge easily what happens
if i just enhance first :slight_smile:

(No upscaling because many DVD’s that i restore got extreme blocking, somtimes even at low movements. So just Key & P Frames look ok, and bframes like s…
Bad MPEG2 Encoder Settings & stingy Bitrates, especially with pron DVD’s before 2003)

so that i got a good basement for upscaling later :slight_smile: (with this style and avisynth+qtgmc before topaz, i literally created gold out of s…
Sometimes an arm with middle fast movement and normal distance to the camera consited to 90% of big squares, so that even Proteus at 100% “Revert Compression” was not able to smooth the blocks out. PreProcessing with QTGMC + the right Shutter Blur Settings + Deblock_Qed can help a lot in those cases)

I look at the base 720x480 File with 200% Zoom.

720 x 2 = 1440
480 x 2 = 960

1280W / 720 = 2 Perfect !. EDIT: 1.7777778 not so good. But 1:1 with 19" will help :slight_smile:
1024H / 960 = 1.06666 Not perfect but near perfect.
1024H / 1152 = 0.888889 yeah not so good.

After i created the good base File, i can double the Resolution
to lets say 1440x960 and look at a 1:1 pixel perfect preview with no zoom or vertical
squeezing. (EDIT: but i cant see the Outer Parts without slight Scrolling.)

I can perfectly judge if p… hairs got to thin (artifical look, the more upscale the more the effect will be visible…sometimes Halos and thick lines are a good thing.), skin ““dirt”” is thined out to much (detail loss, flat look, no texture, like H264 with to strong deblocking settings) ““dirt”” shadows, & reflections are eaten to much (which is not a good thing in movement, then it looks to flat,clean and artifical)

Even if i let display the 1440x960 Clip in a Player, so that Hor is squeezed and Vert is
streched, the density is still not to high (High Density = would result in a good looking picture, even if there is still blocking, dot crawl, ringing left. So it’s not good enough as base for upscaling later) and not to low. Low would result in blurrines, and resolution based fake halos.

What if the source was 720x575 so that 200% is 1440x1152 ?
I can still judge way better, because then i just use 1:1 pixel perfect, and the density
is still not to high or to low, the only drawback is, that i cant see the outer parts without scrolling (slightly) first.