Time to say goodbye

For the last time I have paid my fee for another year. The way Topaz is going is not my way anymore. Sharpen AI, Gigapixel AI, Denoise AI - they all are buggy (see the many updates required for those). Mask AI and Studio 2 are obviously left behind
I will continue to use Topaz software like Studio 1, ReStyle and some others as long as they will still work.
I will not submit any more posts in this forum but will also not join any of the other groups e.g. on FB.
I very much regret this, but I do not agree the way Topaz is following and I will not spend more money.

Thanks to all the fine people I have met here in this forum throughout the years. It used to be a lot of fun and interesting to see and discuss creative work from others. I will miss this but like the company this forum is also going in a different direction which is fine but not for me.
All the best to everybody!


well said Peter … I will miss your posts … I only use Studio 1

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We will all miss your posts Peter, please reconsider regarding posting on the forum … especially in the showoff spot as you are still a user of Topaz products be they legacy products.

Peter, we will all be impacted by not seeing your great work. I understand fully how you feel about Topaz. I too, will not subscribe to update the products. I get by just fine with out the upgrades.
I have not forgiven them for the broken promise of Free Updates for Life.
I hope to continue to see your work on other media.