Tilted head portraits out of focus

I’ve noticed that some images I have where the person’s head is slightly tilted, and out of focus, the program is not able to correct it as well as if the subject is upright.

Hi @claire.lambert, if you’d like to share a few of your original photos as examples here we take a look at what’s happening :slight_smile:

Here is an example image. As you can see there’s a distinct line, almost like the program has made a square around the face. I have tried to reselect the person, but it does not change anything. So I accept and then I have to manipulate the image further in photoshop.

This is expected behavior at the moment as face recovery is fixing the face but there is a sharp border with the rest of the image.

The face recovery is built to work on only the face and part of the neck as the model was not made to fix the rest of the body or the rest of the image. It is a known issue that the boundary is sharp as we are not feathering the face with the rest of the body.

We are working on ways to improve this behavior so that the change in quality is less drastic.

For now I would recommend decreasing the face recovery strength so the face is blended with the rest of the image better.

Let me know if that helps or if you have other questions about this.

So, backstory for this image is, I edited the image in Lightroom and then uploaded it into Topaz Ai.
I tried uploading the image without any edits from Lightroom and there was no boundary box. See image attached.
So I did some tweaks to see when the boundary would appear, by toggling different settings in Lightroom.
Using the black and white treatment without any other settings brought back the boundary box.
And adding an S curve in the tone curve panel, brought back the boundary box.

It seems like this happened because too much noise/grain was added to the black and white version of the image.

It is best to process the image before making those edits to prevent this kind of behavior. Improve the Raw quality then edit the image.

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