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We’ll have the “don’t show again” stuff added, but that will happen at a later time.

Since we don’t really set any sounds, or purposely trigger any sounds, it doesn’t make sense to provide any preferences there, at the moment. You’re the only person that’s even mentioned that Studio is making sound at all. I’ve turned off system sounds before, so I know why you would go looking for this setting. However, as a photo editor with no real sound activity to speak of, it never even occurred that the software would need to be muted. Is there a preference in other apps, like Photoshop or Affinity, where they mute the sound? I’ve never heard of this being an issue before.

I can’t speak about Affinity Photo since I have uninstalled the application, However, there is a checkbox to enable or disable “Beep”, etc.

Yea, this is something that is explicit to Photoshop. There’s clearly something designed, and implemented here: “When Done”. We don’t specify the use of any sounds, for any reason. There’s not really anything to turn off. Your current solution of muting in the Volume mixer would appear to be the only way to “quiet” the software, for anyone that does not want to hear system noises.

I’m not sure that would work. Here is a screen capture with adjustments made to an image before closing it.

Here is a screen capture after I chose to close the image.

It seems the “Topaz” volume control is only available after the first time a warning message is generated.

I have the same problem as @JennZ when trying to sign in to the Studio help center… it redirects me to the Topaz Labs page?

When I login specifically per your instructions above on the Studio Help center page my recents tickets are NOT shown?
When I click on My Open Tickets it redirects the web page to the TopazLabs site? The most recent ticket does not show in the Studio Help center page or the Topaz Labs page either?

On the top of the Topazlabs site there is a message…Request not found. You do not have access to request #0. It may have been solved?

I just received an email today regarding my ticket (sorry I trashed the email with the ticket number) after telling Rose she can close the ticket as solved. But there is definitely something wrong with current tickets appearing in the help center on BOTH sites?

I just did some testing with @cre8art on his machine, and found an interesting problem. The script is redirecting correctly, but the browser he’s using isn’t reading the script properly. It’s a standard script given to ZenDesk customers, to handle multi-brand (Topaz Plugins & Topaz Studio) SSO logins.

So, I did some testing on my own on Mac and PC, with the following results:

Opera: Works
Chrome: Works
Safari: Broken
Firefox: Works

Edge: Works
IE 11: Works
Firefox: Works
Chrome: Works
Opera: Works

So, 8 out of 9 browsers I tested are working correctly. This leads me to believe that something is wrong with the current version of Safari, on macOS 10.12, possibly older. I wondered if this was the specific build of Safari that was being used (12604., so I tested the login process on a MB Air I have here for testing, that’s running macOS 10.13 and a new build of Safari (13604., and the same problem occurs.

I see that @JennZ is using Firefox on Windows, so because my initial test was successful, I tested it a bit further. My first test was a fresh login, which meant I was not logged into the forums, either help center, or either web site (5 locations), on Windows. The login was conducted by heading straight to the page, then clicking login. I was presented with the login page for the Studio Wordpress site (We need to change that logo!), and entered my Topaz Studio login information. This worked.

To try to replicate @JennZ’s problem, I logged into both the Plugins and Studio site, as I suspect she would have been, then followed the process that I asked her to follow. It worked.

So, I’m going to reach out to Zendesk and see if they’re aware of the problem. From what I can tell, everything is configured correctly, and all my tests have resulted in success, except for Safari. I suspect this is impacting a number of their customers, so hopefully we’ll have a solution soon. I don’t think there’s anything we can do to change the behavior, but I will explore the possibility of adding a note only for Safari, and possibly Win Firefox users, to use a different browser to view their ticket, until we can correct the issue, or ZD corrects it.

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The ticket issue happened with the last version of Safari before last rites Safari update, but just last nite there was an update to
Safari to v.11.0 (11604.
It was the latest version above that we used today with your testing. Hope this helps? I’m using Mac 10.11.6

In any case, if you’re using Safari 6.1 or newer, you should now see a notice beneath the login button on the Studio Help Center, that asks you to use a different browser:

It’s not ideal, but its the only thing I can think of right now, that would minimize this problem in any way. If anyone else has a better idea, or a thought to add to this notice, I’m all ears!

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Yes, this info does appear when going to the site page.
I noticed some new features/changes with the Safari update… maybe the problem can be found in the preferences. I will check them out, in the meantime here are 2 screenshot of what I found so far:

It’s a super basic PHP script, so I’m thinking that something with ZD’s handling of the redirects is not going over well with the newest version of Safari.

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I also did some additional testing after reading your reply. Yes I am using Firefox, but it is probably not configured as is yours. First of all, I almost always use private browsing tabs in Firefox.Second of all, I recently (about two month ago) set my Firefox browser to enable third-party tracking protection after I discovered that I had established more than 250 third-party links just by visiting the few sites that I frequent. That said. I opened a non-private tab in Firefox and peformed the steps @JoeFedric-TL specified in a previous post. I was able to see my TS tickets, including a new one I opened today.

This “success”, however, comes with a cost as there are now nineteen third-party sites tracking my navigation through various Topaz Labs TS Web Sites:

The following is a list of those sites, and the last two are sites I previously blocked from a different visited Web site.

So, what’s up with all those third-party sites tracking my visit Joe?

By the way, here’s what it looks like when I enable tracking protection and use private browsing.

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Those third party sites make things possible. Read this: These are the icons we use - the little beaker/heart icon in the beta tester label is a FontAwesome icon Static google pages, used to help render things more quickly
bootstrapcdn: Bootstrap is a web design framework, necessary to display our Help Center
jquery: jQuery is a Javascript framework, necessary to display our Help Center This is Wordpress, which is what our main site is built off of, and is one of the sites touched during SSO logins This is our SSL provider, which keeps you safe when browsing This tracks where you came from when you visit our site This is a CDN (Content Delivery Network), used to speed up file delivery/downloads This is a search tool we use on the old Help Center This is where the picture on your My Account page comes from - it’s a super old service This is where we now host our Discourse server This is a link to a specific font that is hosted by Google, probably Work Sans or Roboto Condensed This is the Help Center software we use This is where Help Center images and files are stored This is another font delivery service This is a color library, that plays nice with Bootstrap

I do not recognize, nor do we employ these: Looks like this is a content publisher. We do not use them. Looks like this is a platform for leveraging user-created content, but we do not use them, either.

These two unknown items are coming from somewhere else than our sites.

I hope that helps!


FWIW, it sounds like jQuery is what is being blocked here.

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Which is why I use private browsing, only allow cookies from third-party sites visited, and have tracking protection enabled as a rule.

As always, a wonderful answer: thoughtful and well-explained. You’re still the best @JoeFedric-TL. :smile:


This was very helpful info @JoeFedric-TL… It cleared up some questions I had about third party sites appearing and why.

So, it looks like the culprit here is the Content Blocking feature added to Safari 11, and the Private Browsing in Firefox (Windows only, does not happen on Mac).

I’m speaking with Zendesk actively about this, hopefully they can provide a solution. It does not appear that they are aware of this issue, so I’m going to deliver all the info I have to them, and help push a solution through.

Is there anything we can do under preferences to correct this on our end?
If not… I really appreciate your attention and going above and beyond to correcting this and trying to find a solution. Please keep us informed on the outcome, thanks a bunch Joe!
This is great customer service! :+1:

You can uncheck the “Enable Content Blocking” option in Safari, while you’re looking at the Help Center site:

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I’d like to point out that with another round of testing today, the redirect seems to be playing “nicer”. Instead of redirecting to the wrong HC, it instead drops you off at your My Account page, not making the extra trip to the Help Center. You’ll still need to disable that option, to get redirected.

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Thanks for the info Joe.I’ll give these tips a try too see what happens?

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