Thumbnails from Gigapixel AI in Portrait Mode


I noticed that after using Gigapixel in Windows 10 the thumbnails that appear of the processed images
are the wrong size.




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Not happening here David.
Windows 10 Pro (1903).

Source for above JPG and TIF resizes was JPG image from Canon G2 camera
Also tried with landsdcape source photos from Sony SLT-A57 camera and Samsung Galaxy S8 phone

I’ve seen that a couple of times before.

I have yet to figure out what it is about the original file format that leads Gigapixel AI to occasionally do this, but I suspect that it has something to do with how the file header information is structured. Photoshop throws up some warning about pixel ratios, but then can correct it, so the image information is apparently there as it should be.

For me, I’ve seen it with both landscape and portrait images. I don’t think it’s my camera set-up because without changing anything some shots do this and some don’t.

Might be interesting to compare the Exif metadata of both the source and Gigapixel AI resized images where this has occurred, with an image where the thumbnails orientation is correct.

Thanks all for your reply!
It used to work perfect until the last couple of updates.

I have the same happen. I have: PC windows 10 PSE 2019 but I just used TS2 (as my plugins on PSE doesn’t show TS2) and another one with Adjust AI as standalone. The pics were downloaded pics from FB originally from an iphone. Not from my normal Nikon camera pics.