Through the Fog

Didn’t do much PP on this. Just wanted to keep it simple. Just Studio Basic Correction. If you would like to give a shot go ahead.


Nice. I like the moody atmosphere and hear Canonball Adderly and Miles

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Excellent soft composition, looks great but there are a few water (or dust) spots on left side. I made a version with color toning and a little Simplify. Just for variety.


Beautiful photo and great job capturing the lighting

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That is so soft and lovely - it makes me wish I had been there!

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Great capture. It really has a airy calm feel. Sells the story well.

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Thanks for allowing me to play with the image @Michigander . I thought I would add a few more adjustments in Studio, plus I added one of my presets to the dock .I also added a spot light effect in PS to the dock in the foreground. Had a lot of fun with it…thanks!



I like it John. Especially the dock. BTW I did get rid of those pesky spots on the left in my file. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the comment and the image.