Through the arch

Capture One Pro, TS AI Clear


Beautiful view and very nice framing. There is a fairly strong halo in the arch

Excellent image Peter …

Love the framing though I would crop off about half of the black area at the top. Excellent shot.

Yes, Ken I noticed this as well. Unfortunately introduced by TS. I attach a 300% screenshot from CO Pro where basically no halo is present. Very hard to remove this from the image file, too

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I actually did this at first but then decided to post the complete frame. Thanks for the feedback!

Beautiful shot, Peter. if I were printing it, I would be inclined to crop out a bit of black from above the arch.

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Peter, since your profile is hidden, I can’t PM you. I downloaded the picture and fixed the halo/light line on the arch and also cropped it some. If you like, I can post it here but its up to you since I just did it for fun.

Here is Peter’s picture with the halo/line removed from the sky to arch transition and a bit of cropping of the black area.


TOP! Thanks Ron

Looking Great!