Three different Denoise models give identical results

I just updated from 2.3.2 to 2.4.2 on a Win 10 machine and I see no difference between the three denoise models (normal, strong and extreme) with sliders all in same positions. The exported file sizes are also identical. With 2.3.2 there are clear differences and the exported file sizes are very different. What am I doing wrong?

More information: If I let autopilot calculate the values for the sliders, each model ends up with different values (as they should). However, the results of the three models are identical, even with different auto-calculated values for the sliders. Then, for example, if I change the values of the sliders for the strong model to match the values of the normal model, the result of the strong model changes (as it should), but the result of the normal model changes also even though the slider values for the normal model have not changed. And the results for these two models are identical to each other. Somehow version 2.4.x is displaying and exporting the result of just one model and changing the values for the sliders in one model changes the values for all three models, although the user has no way to know which of the three models is being displayed/exported. This renders version 2.4.x useless. I have reverted back to 2.3.2 until this issue is fixed.

Thanks for reaching out to us on our Support Page. We’ve been able to replicate this issue and our team has a task on the docket to fix this issue.

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