Thoughts On New Adjustment - AiRemix

Wow, is this new adjustment crazy cool or what? Splendid job Topaz! In my opinion, you have hit it out of the park with this one and opened up a brave new dimension for those who dare to imagine to travel. I’m loving it!


My feedback- I don’t see any use for it myself at all.


I like it as well. At 100% opacity some of the results can be a bit much for my taste. However, I found that when I started adjusting the sliders, especially Opacity, I could produce some great looking results.

As with all of the adjustments it comes down to personal taste and what you are trying to convey.


I agree with @john811 about the opacity slider. But it can also be useful when adding AI with the other filters.

The old and late lamented photoFXLab I seem to recall - had a Randomise feature - which might have been a very early precursor to AIR! Why not dust pFXLab down, and hit that Randomise button?! :slight_smile: