THIS LILY WAS SEEN IN A MARKET. Captured with an iPhone. Painted in Topaz Studio



Gorgeous image - but then I am partial to Asiatic lilies,
When I saw the title I was expecting a person

Beautiful…i love this flower.

Thanks. I don’t have any friends named Lily

Perhaps so - but I thought it was my great-aunt

I enjoy how Topaz provides use with the ability to extend images taken with our phones - which we almost always have in our hands. Nice capture and well displayed.


I’ve started enlarging many of my iPhone photos to 4000 pixels on the longest side (not a terribly big amount) before processing them in TS.

That applies to this image… I don’t have the best eye for judging, but with the processing I do, I don’t see much harm from the enlargement. And I certainly can print them larger

Beautiful capture and very nice processing!