They All Gathered

They all gathered to wish you a Happy Halloween 2019 …click on photo to see the whole image


Outstanding! Happy Halloween Bob. Yes Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) too.

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Well done!

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Thanks Ron …it wouldn’t be Halloween without Elvira.

Thanks Wayne …

Nice work Bob. I haven’t felt very creative lately. This just might inspire me. :wink:


How fun! Happy Halloween Bob!

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That’s cool Bob, Happy Halloween …

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Thanks …I haven’t been posting much lately either. But this time of year I usually get inspired.

Thanks Linda …

Thanks Don, same to you …

Elvira’s still hanging in there!!! Now she’s also doing some Halloween baking show judging…

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I think with all that makeup, she will be Forever Young …

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Thanks Bob! This is a lot of fun!

Do you mind if we share this on social media? Do you want to post one with a watermark? or tell us how to credit you?

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No problem sharing it …just credit Rat Rod Studios for the work.

Wonderful Halloween artwork!

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Thanks Ken …

Wow! that Elvira just keeps on tickin! Great Work, Bob!

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The power of makeup …thanks for looking.

Of course.

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