There is something wrong with Nikon Z7II raw files

There is something wrong with Nikon Z7II raw files.

When you open a noisy .NEF file in Photo AI, there are some red dots all over the place which are not seen in either photoshop or lightroom.

These images are unedited, there is no post processing or denoising, with the exception of the last one which was denoised in Photo AI.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.5.4] on Windows 10

Thanks for reaching out. The red dots are hot pixels in the camera sensor.

Photoshop does some hot pixel removal when the image is imported. Topaz Photo AI currently does not but we are working on a fix to handle hot pixels soon.

To avoid the hot pixel issue, I would recommend processing in Photoshop using the Filter plugin for now.

Thanks for the replay ! good to hear you guys are working on a fix

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