There is Performance Differences between demo and Subscription version?

I am considering subscribing to topaz video ai. I’ve experienced 4k upscaling a few times with the current demo version, but it doesn’t seem to be upscaling as expected. Are there any differences in performance between the demo version and the subscription version other than removing the watermark?

Which version is the demo version? You can compare your results with those in the benchmarking forum: User Benchmarks - Topaz Community

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Thank you for answer! The current demo version is a version with all recent updates applied, and the exact version is currently difficult to confirm.

If the demo version and the subscription version are the same version, will there be any difference in performance? I checked the benchmarking forum you mentioned, but I couldn’t find anything showing the difference between the demo version and the subscription version.

you could run the benchmark from the menu on the top of the application demo and then compare your benchmarking results with those of the full version!

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aha! understand. I will compare using the method you provided. Thank you.

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really? there is a difference in performance between licensed and non-licensed version of the same build? based on what reference you got to this conclusion?
with my very little testing on a real time video(s) I done a year ago I saw no difference. in performance.

you obviously miss understood my post, so I made a small edit in the vague hope you’ll be less confused. :slight_smile:

my bad. I thought the “ohh ya” was the answer to his question, i did not think it was another thing you remembered you want to mention , the benchmark option